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Photostability Testing & Photodegradation Studies

Photostability Studies of Pharmaceutical Products and Photodegradation of Drugs

The selection of appropriate packaging to protect a pharmaceutical product relies, in part, on what degradants might occur when the product is exposed to light and whether those degradants are harmful. Boston Analytical provides light studies of pharmaceutical products, using the latest equipment.

Boston Analytical uses a Powers Scientific, Inc. photostability chamber with a Honeywell eZtrend® data recorder, which is dedicated to photostability testing of pharmaceutical products, to determine whether light exposure results in an unacceptable change to the product. Per ICH Q1B guidelines option 2, our photostability testing laboratory exposes your sample to a cool white fluorescent lamp specified in ISO 10977(1993) and a near UV fluorescent lamp with spectral distribution from 320 nm to 400 nm. Our photostability testing & photodegradation studies can help you understand how light exposure will affect your products so you can take action to ensure high safety standards.

Photostability Testing & Photodegradation Services

  • Photostability Studies of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Drug Photodegradation Pathways Testing
  • ICH Q1B Guideline Testing

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