Stability Storage

Stability storage conditions have to be rigorously maintained, and at Boston Analytical, we have every safeguard in place.

Our ICH-compliant chambers are guarded with fully-controlled monitoring and alert systems, and are supported by emergency back-up generators and onsite maintenance. We have redundant tracking systems established to identify when pulls are due, and when tests need to be performed. With segregated stability storage policies in place, you can be sure that your stability storage test results will have 100% accuracy.

Our two walk-in ICH-compliant chambers give you plenty of space for your stability storage studies – and with longevity dating from 1987, you can be sure that we will be able to support your stability storage studies for years to come.

ICH-Compliant Chamber Conditions:

5°C ICH Refrigerated
25°C/60%R.H ICH Long Term
30°C/65%R.H ICH Intermediate
40°C/75%R.H ICH Accelerated
25°C/40%R.H ICH Semi-Permeable
30°C/35%R.H ICH Semi-Permeable
40°C NMT 25%R.H ICH Semi-Permeable
Photostability ICH Option II
20-25°C/Ambient Humidity USP Controlled Room Temperature (CRT)
25°C/Ambient Humidity Room Temperature

Other conditions are available upon request.

At Boston Analytical we utilize LabWare Inc.'s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) & Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) software system. With this system comes an interface that allows complete tracking of your sample from the time it enters our building. We are able to electronically schedule your stability tests, while ensuring accurate results as our findings our electronically documented directly from our equipment. The LIMS system also allows for quick identification of available storage space in any of our chambers.