On-Site Environmental Monitoring

Boston Analytical provides on-site microbial air and surface environmental monitoring services for clean rooms

Boston Analytical provides onsite microbial air and surface environmental monitoring services for clean rooms, USP <797> compliant laboratories, ISO cleanrooms, and other controlled environments in the New England area.

On-Site Environmental Monitoring Tests

We provide all the personnel and supplies necessary for complete on-site environmental monitoring. We will come to your site to perform a microbiological evaluation of your clean rooms and other controlled environments, including:

  • On-Site Environmental Monitoring USP <1116>
  • Absence of Specified Microorganisms USP/EP
  • Disinfectant Efficacy Study <1072>
  • Aseptic Environmental Monitoring
  • Non-Viable Particulate Air Monitoring
  • Viable Air Monitoring
  • Viable Surface Monitoring (including contact plates, settling plates, Rodac plates, and swabs)

Environmental Monitoring Supplies

If you perform in-house environmental monitoring, Boston Analytical would be glad to provide you with all the supplies you need for your testing.

Environmental Monitoring Protocol Design

Our environmental monitoring experts will examine the layout of your clean rooms, study their classifications, and develop comprehensive environmental monitoring protocols. Upon request, we will train your employees in the new SOPs.