Boston Analytical Offers ICP-MS Analysis

Salem, New Hampshire (April 14, 2014) -- Boston Analytical has announced the offering of "Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry" analysis (ICP-MS). These analyses will include screening and elemental analyses by ICP-MS in compliance with Elemental Impurities USP <232> and USP <233>.

Due to recent regulatory changes, traditional Heavy Metals Analysis (USP <231>) will be replaced with Elemental Impurity Methods USP <232> - Limits and USP <233> - Procedures. The USP has recently delayed the proposed May 2014 deadline for compliance allowing for the ICH guidelines to be developed regarding Elemental Impurities. Additionally, it is anticipated that individual USP Metal Methods will be eliminated as well; these include USP <251> Lead, USP <211> Arsenic, and USP <261> Mercury. The effect of the elimination of these chapters to monographs that include them is currently under review.

The incorporation of ICP-MS analysis technology as part of Boston Analytical's offerings will provide clients with an efficient analytical technique that is known for experiencing limited problems. The decision to provide ICP-MS analysis rather than ICP-OES was made to provide superior sensitivity and identification for the analysis of Elemental Impurities.

While the pharmaceutical industry adapts to these changing standards, Boston Analytical can provide ICP-MS analysis under the guidelines of USP <232> and USP <233> now, in anticipation of the implementation of the standard. Excipients, Raw Materials, Drug Product or Finished Product can all be analyzed in anticipation of the future regulations and determinations can be made as to future compliance with USP <232> and USP <233>.

Boston Analytical's staff of technical professionals maintains a strong understanding and proficiency associated with ICP-MS analysis. Our team of experienced Client Service Representatives and Technical Project Managers can assist you with the development of a comprehensive ICP-MS analysis strategy that will result in reliable, high-quality data that will meet growing project needs, demands and timelines.

For more information on how Boston Analytical can assist you with your next ICP-MS analysis and compliance with proposed USP <232> and USP <233>, please contact us at or 603-893-3758.

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