Boston Analytical Now Offering Particle Size Analysis

Salem, NH (November 1, 2015) — Boston Analytical, the life sciences division of Alpha Analytical, recently invested in a Malvern Mastersizer 2000 Particle Size Analyzer which allows us to extend our service offerings with Particle Size Analysis.

For raw materials and finished drug product, particle size can have an important influence on powder flow or compaction, critical in processing solid oral dosage forms, which usually start off as powders. The Mastersizer 2000 allows us to measure particle size ranges for both solids and liquids. Used for particles in the range of 20 nm to 2 mm in size, with a high degree of accuracy and precision, the Mastersizer 2000 measures by laser diffraction, essentially by measuring how much laser light bounces off particles that flow through the light path.

The Mastersizer 2000 is used for process development of tablets and capsules routinely, and also in the development and manufacture of nanoparticle drug delivery systems. The instrument adheres to ISO 13320, the standard for particle size analysis by laser diffraction and USP chapter <429>, Light Diffraction Measurement of Particle Size.

Boston Analytical is happy to be able to offer this new service line as we are committed to providing the highest quality analytical testing services to companies and organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. Our top priority is to meet our client's needs. For more information on our Particle Size Analysis, or to learn more about Boston Analytical, please contact us today.