Boston Analytical Launches New Web Site

Advanced features on include streaming media, regulatory updates, downloadable forms, enhanced customer service resources

October 14, 2011

SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE - The newly redesigned Web site of Boston Analytical went live today on the World Wide Web. aims to extend the Company's reach of it's products and services into a more global marketplace, while at the same time, providing customers with a point of entry into a comprehensive LIMS system.

The new Web site features expanded content and streaming media including video clips related to Boston Analytical's facilities, staff, state-of-the-art equipment and on-going commitment to information technology. The redesign incorporates a new logo and graphics and completely new navigational tools.

"Our online visitors and long-term customers will now experience a more vibrant and seamless view of all Boston Analytical has to offer while simultaneously serving as a point of entry to login into our LIMS system to gain real-time access to their data. This site will serve as a deep and broad online resource," says Jim Mich, general manager of Boston Analytical. "The redesign of the Boston Analytical Web site creates a new home in cyberspace for the wide-ranging resources and services Boston Analytical has to offer to our customers. Our commitment to using the best equipment and integrating our systems with the most up-to-date information technology makes us unique and reinforces our mission since 1987 which is to provide analytical testing customers can rely on," concluded Mich.

The site is composed of six top-level sections including Boston Analytical's three key product lines of Stability Storage & Testing, Analytical Testing and Microbiology Testing. In addition, there is a user-friendly Contact Us feature which allows visitors to the site to request information and schedule a convenient call-back time. There are also easy to download Sample Submission Forms and Terms and Conditions. These resources were designed with the customer in mind to ensure maximum efficiency and ease-of-use.

About Boston Analytical

Since 1987, Boston Analytical is and remains dedicated to customer satisfaction, high-quality, fast, and accurate analysis of your products. Our 21,000 square-foot facility is a State-of-the-Art environment that supports our focus of exceeding client expectations and delivering trusted results.

Boston Analytical offers a variety of comprehensive analytical testing services to support CMC for Drug Development and Release Testing, including complete Stability Testing, Analytical Development Testing, and Microbiology Testing.

For more information, please contact us at 603-893-3758 or at