Boston Analytical's Featured Focus: Environmental Monitoring

Boston Analytical is a recognized industry leader in providing the most sophisticated and trusted on-site and remote environmental monitoring. Through our trusted and reliable methods, our team of experts can deliver accurate and timely results to determine viable microbial and nonviable particulate levels present in environments used for medical device and pharmaceutical cleanroom or manufacturing purposes.

On-Site Environmental Monitoring

We provide all the personnel and supplies necessary for complete on-site environmental monitoring. We will come to your site to perform a microbiological evaluation of your clean rooms and other controlled environments, including:

  • On-Site Environmental Monitoring USP <1116>
  • Absence of Specified Microorganisms USP/EP
  • Disinfectant Efficacy Study <1072>
  • Aseptic Environmental Monitoring
  • Non-Viable Particulate Air Monitoring
  • Viable Air Monitoring
  • Viable Surface Monitoring (including contact plates, settling plates, Rodac plates, and swabs)

If you perform in-house environmental monitoring, Boston Analytical would be glad to provide you with all the supplies you need for your testing.

  • Sterile Vials
  • Sampling Plates

In addition to the necessary sampling equipment, guidelines and comprehensive instructions detailing required sampling techniques and methods will also be provided.

Most importantly, Boston Analytical's dedicated team of microbiologists and customer service representatives will be available to answer any of your technical questions or concerns. Our reliable and trusted systems will give you the peace of mind to know your samples are being monitored and managed throughout the testing process. From login, through incubation, analysis and reporting - at Boston Analytical your environmental monitoring testing will be completed on time and with reliable accuracy.

Environmental Monitoring Protocol Design

Our environmental monitoring experts will examine the layout of your clean rooms, study their classifications, and develop comprehensive environmental monitoring protocols. Upon request, we will train your employees in the new SOPs.

For more information on Boston Analytical's full range of environmental monitoring services and capabilities, please contact Boston Analytical sales at 603-893-3758 or

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