Introducing Our LIMS Online Client Data Access System

Salem, NH (May 12, 2015) — Boston Analytical, the life sciences division of Alpha Analytical, is proud to announce an exciting addition to our list of services; LabWare Inc.'s™ LIMS Online Client Data Access

In 2013, Boston Analytical implemented LabWare Inc.'s™ Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) software into and throughout our labs and administrative offices. LIMS and ELN has allowed us revolutionize the way that we do business, and added significantly to the benefits that we can offer our client: live tracking of samples, integrated inventory and scheduling, electronic capture from laboratory instruments, and perhaps most important, the flexibility to accommodate new requests.

Adding to the benefits that the LIMS/ELN system offers is the online data access portal. This new portal allows our clients the opportunity to view their project and sample information online, at their convenience. Accessible from Boston Analytical's main website page, the portal will give our clients access to the following:

Project Information

  • Clients will be able to search for and view a list of the current and past projects, complete with dates completed, and status updates. Clients will also be able to view summaries of each project in detail. These details include due dates, analysts involved in the project, and a description of the project.

Sample Information

  • Clients will be able to follow their samples through our laboratories, starting at login.

Stability Schedules

  • Clients with stability projects will be able to view a schedule of upcoming tests. The report will show the available dates, as well as target dates for samples, and will include information on the storage conditions.


  • Clients will be able to pull a summary of their works in progress which includes a description of the project, as well as the number of samples involved in the project.
  • Once a project is complete, clients will be able to view and print a Certificate of Analysis.
  • Trending reports will also be available.

At Boston Analytical, we believe in high quality client service. We are continually making investments that will enhance our service offerings, and we're very excited about the customer portal and how much benefit it brings to our clients.If you have questions about the customer portal, or would like to learn why Boston Analytical would be a great fit with your company, please contact us today by calling (603) 893-3758.