Microbial Identification

If your manufacturing process requires sterility control, contamination can result in significant delays and increased operating costs. Boston Analytical provides a quick and precise genetics-based solution to your microbial identification needs. We do this through the use of the fully-validated, cGMP compliant Applied Biosystems 3130XL DNA Identification Analyzer with MicroSeq®. This system performs microbial identifications via DNA sequencing: a faster, more accurate technique than the more commonly offered phenotypic procedures.

Microbial Identification via DNA Sequencing

Microbial Identification via DNA Sequencing

We first isolate the sample’s DNA and amplify the 500 base-pair region of the 16S ribosomal RNA gene. The gene is then sequenced using the ABI 3130XL Genetic Analyzer. The MicroSeq® ID Software compares the sequence data to the appropriate database library, providing a percent match or percent identity to the closest matches based on pairwise alignment algorithms and phylogenic trees. The MicroSeq® database library contains over 3,000 validated sequences for highly-accurate species level microbial identifications.

Fast, Accurate Microbial Identification

In as little as twelve hours from the submission of your isolate, we can identify your contaminant. We offer expedited rush service and a competitive pricing structure based on your turnaround time requirements.