Reliable data for the pharmaceutical industry


Reliable data for the pharmaceutical industry

Elemental Impurities

Using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), Boston Analytical has been performing the USP limit test for elemental impurities <232> and <233> since well before these were required tests. Our solid experience with Elemental Impurities testing can help you develop an effective ICP-MS analysis strategy.

Dissolution Testing

For over 25 years Boston Analytical scientists have been performing pharmaceutical dissolution analyses. Our expertise is unsurpassed in this area with one of the widest variety of apparatuses to include multiple Dissolution Apparatus IV instruments, as well as the use of HPLC systems. We’re ready to work with you to ensure the best fit for your dissolution analysis needs.

In-process & Lot Release Testing

If you make any change in your process you have to revalidate everything which can cause manufacturing delays. Boston Analytical can help you by providing in-process and lot release testing to specifications with quick scheduling, fast turnaround time, excellent client communication, and detailed documentation.

Raw Material Testing

Boston Analytical performs USP, BP, EP, and JP raw materials identity testing, offering a complete compendial testing solution. Our analyst experts perform testing for all phases of CMC drug development through release testing. We’ll help you to ensure your raw materials are suitable for their intended use so you have no production delays in your manufacturing process.

Product Characterization

Characterization of the physical and/or chemical properties can unlock solutions to drug development challenges. Boston Analytical can help steer the troubleshooting process through to resolution with methods that we have already developed, or we can create a custom method to meet your specific needs.