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USP Testing

Boston Analytical helps qualify your incoming raw materials through a number of USP raw material test methods. Our trained and qualified analysts perform identification tests, limit tests, and a number of physical tests to verify that your APIs meet compendial standards and qualify for use in your manufacturing processes. Below is a partial listing of our API raw material testing services:

Limit Tests and Physical Tests

  • Heavy Metals USP <231> Methods I and II
  • Residue on Ignition USP <281>
  • Residual Solvents USP <467>
  • Loss on Drying USP <731>
  • Loss on Ignition USP <733>
  • Melting Range or Temperature USP <741>
  • Optical Rotation USP <781>
  • Osmolality / Osmolarity USP <785>
  • Particulate Matter in Injections USP <788>
  • Particulate Matter in Ophthalmics USP <789>
  • pH USP <791>
  • Specific Gravity <841>
  • Viscosity Testing USP <911>
  • Karl Fisher Moisture USP <921> Methods 1a and 1c
USP Testing at Boston Analytical

Identification Testing

  • General ID Tests USP <191>
  • Spectrophotometric ID Test USP <197>  UV-Vis , FTIR, HPLC
  • Thin Layer Chromatography TLC USP <201>

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